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Some music for you to download. I've sorted this by album and then posted a sample song or two so you can see whether or not you'd like to download the full thing. I don't want to bombard this community, so if you want more, feel free to take from my blog.

Song: You Can Get It If You Really Want by Jimmy Cliff
Album: The Harder They Come by Jimmy Cliff

Song: Concierto de Aranjuez by Miles Davis
Album: Sketches of Spain by Miles Davis
Song: So What by Miles Davis
Album: Kind of Blue by Miles Davis

Song: La Plaza de Tetuan by [Unknown Artist]
Song: Juventud by [Unknown Artist]
Album: Music of the Spanish Revolution by [Various Artists]

Song: The World is a Ghetto by Ahmad Jamal
Album: Paris 1973 Part 1 by Ahmad Jamal
Album: Paris 1973 Part 2 by Ahmad Jamal

Song: Solitude by Billy Holiday
Song: Your Feets Too Big by Fats Waller
Album: Music of the Harlem Renaissance by [Various Artists]

Song: Bruca Manigua by Ibrahim Ferrer
Album: Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferrer by Ibrahim Ferrer

Song: Which Side are You On by Billy Bragg
Album: Back to Basics by Billy Bragg

Song: Bitties in the BK Lounge by De La Soul
Album: De La Soul is Dead by De La Soul
Song: I Am I Be by De La Soul
Album: Buhloone Mind State by De La Soul
Song: Eye Know by De La Soul
Album: 3 Feet High and Rising by De La Soul

Song: In My Eyes by Minor Threat
Album: Complete Discography by Minor Threat

Song: Wonderful by Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers
Album: Sam Cooke with the Soul Stirrers by Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers
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